Jason Aldean's fans know that the singer is in the midst of custom-constructing what is probably the hugest and most elaborate Nashville dream house ever thought up for himself and his family—and, that the house won't be ready for a couple months, yet.

However, for those who are eager to get progress reports on how the build is coming along, details were shared by Aldean's wife, Brittany, on her Instagram stories Mar. 10. If you happened to miss them, the house is still enormous and still features a bowling alley and a resort-style pool (take a glimpse at the water slide, above!), but there are a few more subtle shots Brittany revealed that give an idea of the home's true scale and overall vibe.

Brittany Aldean/Instagram

First off, Brittany revealed the striking exterior front of the home, which features a circular driveway, black roofing, a lookout tower, and dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows.

Brittany Aldean/Instagram

A better look at those windows was also to be had, with Jason serving as a scale model to show off the scope of their dimensions; as well as the view, which looks out onto the front driveway and yard.

Brittany Aldean/Instagram

And finally, a shot of a statement-making tiled-floor room gave a hint as to the decor leanings Brittany is trending towards. Of course, the beautiful countryside scenery through the window doesn't hurt a bit adding to the overall atmosphere.

The family should be able to move into the house around May; until then, Aldean is keeping himself busy. he launched his 2020 We Back Tour on Jan. 30 in Columbia, S.C., and he's set to perform across the U.S. through the end of September. Morgan Wallen and Riley Green serve as opening acts during the winter dates before Brett Young and Mitchell Tenpenny take over in the summer. Dee Jay Silver joins Aldean on the road for the duration of the tour.

See Pictures of Jason Aldean's New Home, Under Construction: