Jason Aldean is a dead man... at least in the movies! Aldean will make his big screen debut as an actor in the film 'Sweetwater,' in which he stars alongside January Jones and Ed Harris. He plays a henchmen who eventually meets his maker in the action western.

Aldean was initially offered a meatier part in the project, but he actually said "thanks, but no thanks." The reason the 'My Kinda Party' singer turned down a bigger role? He wasn't sure of his acting skills and didn't want to bite off more than he could chew.

"If I was gonna be bad, I wanted to be on the film as least amount of time as possible," he revealed to Country 92-5.

One might say that Aldean is testing the (sweet) water(s) in regards to his acting chops. He also dished on the scope of his character, saying, "I play a henchmen who does a bit of the dirty work." Sounds interesting, to say the least. We can't to see Aldean play a tough guy in a movie!

That dirty work he references includes to shooting people, and makes his character not long for this world. "I get to shoot a couple of people and I end up getting put down as well in the film," he shared.

The film will see its premiere at Sundance this month. So while Aldean's part may be a small one, the film is set to make a splash in the industry at a major festival. Not too shabby for a first-timer.