Jason Aldean reveals the less glamorous side of making a music video in this new behind-the-scenes clip of the filming of 'Tattoos on This Town.' The backstage footage is set to the song and includes images but no explanation of the ideas and concepts that went into the creation of the actual video.

Some of the more emotional scenes in the 'Tattoos on This Town' video are deconstructed during this look behind the camera. For example, we watch as the lead female in the video primps her hair before the birth scene. Soldiers are seen joking around with machine guns (hopefully just props), and the Marines who eventually turn up at the widowed bride's door take time to have their belt buckles polished before the big scene.

It's an interesting look at how much work goes into making each second of a music video perfect. Director Wes Edwards is relentless with his attention to detail.

Aldean's single is currently battling Scotty McCreery's 'The Trouble With Girls' in the first ever Taste of Country Showdown. Fans of both artists can vote to decide which is the better song with the winner moving on to face next Monday's challenger.

Watch the 'Tattoos on This Town' Behind-the-Scenes Video