Jelly Roll has seen video and read stories of singers getting items thrown at them on stage. He's also seen his contemporaries stop shows to scold fans behaving badly.

The "Need a Favor" singer didn't make light of those incidents, and he certainly isn't encouraging bad fan behavior (mostly), but these are minor crimes in his opinion.

"Dude, I can't believe people are throwing such a fuss about getting stuff thrown at them," he tells Taste of Country Nights during this week's episode of Taste of Country Nights, On Demand. "I've been getting s--t thrown at me my whole career."

Gathering of the Juggalos is a rock, metal and hip-hop festival that Jelly Roll recalls for being particularly dangerous. One year, fans started to fire bottle rockets and him and Yelawolf. They missed the now country singer, but ...

"Yelawolf had the audacity to say, 'Bet you can't hit me with a bottle rocket,' and got dozens of them. He had to ask them to stop," Jelly Roll tells Evan Paul. "They took it as a game. It was like playing target practice on stage with Yelawolf with bottle rockets."

Bras, panties, drugs, boots and cell phones are among the other items he's been hit or nearly hit with. Pro tip: don't throw a cell phone, because the singer might just hand it to the first person that convinces him or her it belongs to them.

Recently, country singer Kelsea Ballerini was hit when a fan threw a bracelet. Bebe Rexha was struck by a cell phone, and a few days later Harry Styles was struck.

Chris Janson had to scold a fan for flipping off him and his son on stage, and Miranda Lambert had to shut down a photo shoot during a Las Vegas show.

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"I'm not making light of people getting stuff thrown at them, but I grew up playing in bars," Jelly Roll says. "I've been getting s--t thrown at me. I've had beers thrown at me — I've jumped off the stage and gotten in physical fist fights in the early days of our career."

Take that as a warning that bad behavior may have consequences. Then again ...

"If you're gonna throw something at me, make it a Xanax bar," he says before opening his mouth and laughing.

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