Jo Dee Messina and Alyssa Bonagura enlisted fans to help them make the video for the song 'Unbreakable.' Messina invited her Twitter followers to take pictures of themselves holding signs with words on them, like the song title, "stronger," "believe," "get along" and more, written in all sorts of fonts and with artistic embellishments, like the "t" in stronger turned into a cross. The singer then used the photos in the video.

The fans were completely and totally a part of the creative process for the video, which is like a quilt with pieces of fabric from all over the world sewn into it.

It's an interesting and empowering homemade clip that connects Messina to her fans, since they were intrinsically involved in making it. Without the fan input, the video wouldn't have turned out the way that it did.

The video has a handheld cam vibe and an Instagram-sheen, thanks to the grainy quality. It feels like an old reel discovered in an attic, and it pops with energy, thanks to the smiles that live on the faces of Messina and Bonagura throughout. Of course, the ubiquitous hand-shaped heart pops up all over the place, as it's become such an popular cultural symbol.

Overall, it demonstrates how the digital age can connect strangers, six degrees-style.


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