Jo Dee Messina continues to ask for prayers as her mother recovers from a heart attack and open heart surgery. The singer has written extensively about the emotional toll the last few weeks have taken, but has managed to honor her touring commitments thus far.

However, 17-day Canadian tour was just too much to handle, and she's pushed the dates -- scheduled for late May -- to October.

A recent Facebook post reveals the full history and timeline of her mother's hospital stay. Last Friday she wrote about possibly having to intubate her mother, who hass struggled to maintain consciousness since the April 25 procedure:

"I began talking to her playing videos on my laptop of my boys laughing. Then pulled up (Messina's 2001 hit) 'Bring On The Rain' on YouTube. We saw a tear come from her eye. Then I pulled up Bing Crosbys White Christmas.' A song she sang with her sister as a little girl. She began singing words here and there, through her mask. I said “Mom, open your eyes. Look at the dresses they’re wearing. They’re a beautiful bright red. Open your eyes mom.” They fluttered open for a moment and after a minute she managed to keep them open."

On her blog at, Messina wrote about hoping to take her mother outside for a few minutes on Mother's Day, as feeling fresh air would do her good. A recent tweet indicates that the family got permission to do that, but it's not clear if they followed through.

In total, nine of Messina's Canadian tour dates have been moved to October, beginning with an Oct. 3 date in N. Battleford, Saskatchewan. The singer says she'll have new music to share with fans by then.

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