Fans chose 'Peace Sign' as the lead single from Jo Dee Messina's upcoming new album, her first since 2005. The uptempo, guitar-driven track finds the redhead once again telling off a no-good lover, except this one just tried dumping her via email.

The new album came together with support from her fans, so Messina owed it to them to ask for help when choosing a song to send to radio. Messina raised over $100,000 in 30 days on Kickstarter, with at least two people pledging $10K each! 'Peace Sign' captures the spirit of her last No. 1 single 'My Give a Damn's Busted,' as well as 'I'm Done' from 2008.

"I'm not coming undone / I've got nothing but love / You put the F-U in fun / It's all good / I'm not trying to fight / I'm not wasting my time / I'm just saying goodbye / One finger shy of the peace sign," she sings during the chorus.

The 43-year-old hasn't been shy about expressing her displeasure with her former record label, Curb Records. Late last year she was able to split with them, freeing her to make -- and release -- new music.

Why Fans Will Love It: Jo Dee sounds as feisty as ever. 'Peace Sign' is a great country rocker with the attitude many women in country music are lacking.

Key Lyrics: "You put the F-U in fun / It's all good"

Did You Know?: Lead songwriter Amy Dalley scored two Top 30 hits ('Men Don't Change' and 'I Would Cry') on Curb Records in the mid 2000s. She left the label in 2008.

Listen to Jo Dee Messina, 'Peace Sign'