The real Joe Diffie has not only stood up, he's grabbed his guitar and written his own country rap song. Diffie has released the video to a new song called 'Girl Ridin' Shotgun,' a tune he wrote with the Jawga Boyz. He's calling the song a response to Jason Aldean's '1994.' 

The Jawga Boyz are a "hick hop" act Diffie was introduced to through his management team. He and Derek Thrasher (D-Thrash) of the group wrote 'Girl Ridin' Shotgun' together.

"Derek wrote all the ‘hick hop’ parts of the song and Phil (writer Phil O'Donnell) and I concentrated on writing the chorus, so it was a true collaboration," Diffie says.

The song drops in one of Aldean's hits during a verse. Diffie says he's a fan of the '1994' singer, and thankful for the attention he's received after the track from 'Night Train' was released. Look for cameos from about 10 different country superstars early in this video, and look for a full album from Diffie later this year.