It seems as though Eric Church has found a fan in fellow country superstar John Rich. During a morning radio interview earlier this month, the Big & Rich member told Billy Greenwood of WSIX Nashville he believes the 'Springsteen' singer would be the perfect candidate for the next season of 'Celebrity Apprentice,' should Church accept Rich's help landing him a coveted spot on the wildly-popular reality series.

"I would like to just extend an invitation that if Eric wants to meet Donald Trump and go on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' I will make that happen for you, Eric," says the former series winner (quote via Country Weekly). "We need to go do that show and raise some money for your charity."

The invitation came shortly after Church blasted the relevance of reality shows in the country music industry, specifically questioning the artistic credibility of 'The Voice' judge and fellow country singer Blake Shelton, as well as past reality show contestants who have found success in the genre. Despite the well-publicized Rolling Stone interview (for which he got a lot of backlash), Rich remains loyal to Church.

"I heard his apology," says Rich. "I think he just got to talkin’ too fast probably and didn’t realize, ‘Uh-oh, I didn’t remember all these great singers that have come from some of these shows.' I don’t think he was trying to be that malicious about it or anything." He adds of Church, "The guy’s been working his tail off for however many years on the road and building his audience, and he’s a smart, tough guy. Give me a call, brother."

No word yet on whether Church will accept the invitation, but considering the singer's lengthy Blood, Sweat and Beers headlining tour this summer, it's hard to imagine he has much time for a television side gig -- or that he would accept one.