This week, the celebs on 'Celebrity Apprentice' were challenged to create a four-page ad campaign for the Trump Hotel Collection. Pressure, anyone? They would be working directly for boss Donald Trump's business in this episode, and that's no easy matter ... except when you are country superstar John Rich.

The wily Rich is competing for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and was once again the project manager for this task, and he handled it with his signature poise, passion, brains and unflinching desire to win for his charity. He didn't use any 50-cent words this episode -- he called eliminated teammate Gary Busey a "saboteur" on last week's episode, in what was easily the quote of the night!

While Rich kicked a whole world of ass in his first time as project manager, his team was ultimately bested by the ladies' efforts in that particular challenge. However, Rich was not denied on last night's episode. His team won, and he was once again safe from elimination and will indeed be back next week to compete for St. Jude's yet again.

Team Backbone remains musical with members from all genres! Rich, rapper Lil Jon and singer Meat Loaf remain standing with serious determination to win for their charities. The stakes are getting higher and Rich has proven he has the guile, patience and humor to get this deep into the competition. Go John Rich!