Jordan Davis admits he's selfish sometimes. The "Singles You Up" singer says it happens when he gets off the road after a long touring stretch. Frankly, he doesn't feel guilty about it.

"Selfish" is a signature song on Home State, the Shreveport, La., native's debut album. Among a dynamic mix of pop, rock, blues and country-soul, this swampy beat and aching lyric easily grabs one's wayward attention. It's a wanton heart beating recklessly through a crowd.

"I'm a bad man / James Dean kind of Steve McQueen straight out the badlands," he sings to start a song he co-wrote with Josh Dorr and Jason Gantt:

“I guess it’s pretty honest to who I am," Davis says. Of course, there's a twist.

"We spend a lot of time away from the wife. So sometimes, you know ..." he chuckles and sounds nervous. "When you’re only home for a couple of days, I guess I wanna be a little selfish and spend some time with her.”

"Her" is his wife Kristen, whom he married in 2017, and you'll find her on other songs, like "Made That Way."

“She loves vodka soda with two lemons. She puts Christmas lights up way too early. She’s a horrible driver when it’s raining," he says. "So I’d have to say she’s all over that one.”

For "Slow Dance in a Parking Lot," a more radio-friendly love ballad, Davis wrapped his experiences with his wife around co-writer Lonnie Fowler's story of his first date with his wife. The song is just waiting to become someone's future wedding song.

The sonic diversity of Home State is emblematic of Davis' other love: Louisiana. The best of the 12 songs are a melting pot of styles that work in harmony to keep your feet moving. "Take It From Me" and "More Than I Know" are early highlights. Later the uptempo, pop-rock anthem "Sundowners" allows producer Paul Digiovanni's (Boys Like Girls) influence to be felt. The final song steps away from all of it.

"Leaving New Orleans" is what Davis points to when asked which song is the best window into who he is. The colorful heartbreaking ballad is a soothing close to an album filled with peaks and valleys.

"I just feel like that's me as an artist and as a writer," he says.

There's nothing homogenous about Home State or Davis. He'll fit in well on Jake Owen's summer tour, and the Taste of Country Music Festival lineup in June.

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