Josh Abbott Band are proud Texans, and they're happy to prove it! The group pay homage to their roots via a new partnership with Bud Light.

JAB have recorded a version of "Deep in the Heart of Texas" — a genre-less song created by June Hershey and Don Swander in 1941 — which honors the state of Texas in a big way. The track has been recorded by a number of artists, including George Strait, Ray Charles and Gene Autry.

This version is all Josh Abbott Band, though, for a new Bud Light commercial as part of the beer company's "Brewed Deep in the Heart" to celebrate the 30 years they've spent brewing their product in Texas. The country band's rendition is traditional country, heavy on guitar and fiddle as they nod to the "big and bright" stars, "prairie sky" and eagles that fly in the Lone Star State. Fans can expect to hear the song on the band's Brewed Deep in the Heart Tour that takes place across the region throughout the year and is sponsored by Bud Light.

"We want our fans to have the best experience at all of our shows, whether singing along, having a few cold beers, or just enjoying our music with friends," Josh Abbott says in a press release. "When we got the news that Bud Light was going big in Texas in 2018 we were excited to join forces and knew we had to be a part of it. 'Deep in the Heart of Texas' is such an iconic song that everyone knows in the state and as proud Texans, we are thrilled to be able to record our version of it and that it will be used as part of Bud Light's campaign."

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