Josh Abbott Band's scandalous new 'Oh, Tonight' video not only boasts beautiful harmonies and a secret love affair -- it's got guest star appearances from 'Nashville Star' contestant Kacey Musgraves and Texas country singer Granger Smith, too.

On the surface, the mood is set to seem like four friends -- two couples -- are enjoying a night of music by the fire. But while Abbott and Musgraves lay down their hit duet, 'Oh, Tonight,' Smith swigs a beer and eyes Abbott's girl.

With a bit of liquid courage on his side, Smith wanders into the kitchen behind her to "get another beer" -- but where there's cold beer there's bound to be a hot, passionate kissing scene, and he really lays it on her while his girlfriend, Musgraves, is all smiles in the living room with Abbott.

We can't help but feel a little bad for Mr. Abbott in the video, since he seems clueless as his lady friend kisses him on the cheek when she returns to his side after making out with Mr. Smith in the kitchen. But rest assured, there's no scandal here -- the blonde bombshell in the video is portrayed by Granger Smith's real-life wife, Amber.

Josh Abbott Band are currently touring throughout the Lone Star State, with dates scattered across Mississippi, Colorado and Oklahoma, as well.

Watch the Josh Abbott Band 'Oh, Tonight' Video