'American Idol' contestant Scotty McCreery, who sailed in the Top 13 on Thursday night, has a fan in country superstar Josh Turner. McCreery captured America's attention and the judge's hearts with his renditions of Turner's 'Your Man' and 'Long Black Train' during the show's audition rounds, and the singer is now on his personal idol's radar, too.

Turner tells WDEZ that "Scotty seems to be a smart guy, and he's got his head on straight. And he seems like he's got a great heart."

While McCreery certainly culls inspiration from Turner, both on and off the 'Idol' stage, he certainly isn't aping Turner, despite sounding a whole helluva lot like him! Turner commends McCreery's journey, saying that he thinks the 16-year-old is moving at a more rapid clip than he was when he was that young. "Back when I was that age, I wanted to sing nothing but Randy Travis songs. But it took that for me to figure out who I was," Turner said. "I think he's farther along at that age than I was."

Hopefully, hearing Turner speak so highly of him will help boost and fuel McCreery's confidence as he enters the next round of competition.