Show Dog Universal Music's emerging star, JT Hodges, released his debut video this week. The sexy music video for 'Hunt You Down' was shot in the heart of Memphis, Tenn. on the famed Beale Street, and oozes with the bluesy country music that the area is best known for.

"I was told it's tough to shoot [a video] on Beale Street, and we got approval," Hodges tells Taste of Country of the shoot. "We ended up going down there and shooting guerilla style.'"

During the video, Hodges strolls down the street with plenty of beautiful women clinging by his side, as he promises to not just look them up when he comes back to town, but rather, "hunt you down."

"We were originally going to do a two-day shoot, but after we edited the 'guerilla' shots, we thought it was really good," notes Hodges. "It's more of a performance piece, and it kind of just works."

"What was cool about it is it had been pouring down rain, and every time it wouldn't rain, we'd go out and it was night," Hodges continues. "So the lights on Beale Street with the mist just made it look perfect! I'm very excited about it ... I think it's a good showcase and a good first video."

Last night, July 15, Hodges played Cleveland, Ohio, opening up for Toby Keith on the first night of the Locked and Loaded tour. Click here for a complete list of dates where the tour will be stopping.

Watch the JT Hodges 'Hunt You Down' Video