Newcomer JT Hodges is burning up the country music scene with his first single, 'Hunt You Down.' The debut release from the new star on the rise is a song he co-wrote with singer-songwriter Mark Collie (who also serves as producer on Hodges forthcoming album) and Rivers Rutherford.

"I'm starstruck by songwriters," Hodges tells Taste of Country. "We wrote that about a night in Memphis. I had just got back from taking a private tour of Graceland and went out on Beale Street. I've had family in Memphis all my life, so I've always loved going there. I just love the music and the vibe in Memphis."

"I had to get back the next day and write," he continues with a smile. "I walked in a little red-eyed, and they said, laughing, 'Where have you been?' I said, 'Well, soakin' up the vibe in Memphis!' I remember Rivers saying that he was born and raised in Germantown, and I started strumming these chords and finding the melody and Mark was like, 'Let's write a song about a night in Memphis!''"

"I came up river on a gravel barge from New Orleans / She was standing on the cobblestones in a pair of cut-off jeans / I asked what she was doing / She said, 'Sugar, I’m killing time' / Then I handed her my wallet, said, 'Baby so am I,'" they wrote in the lyrics of the opening verse of the song.

As the song progresses, the characters carry on with their night, loosing themselves in each other without a worry in the world on their minds.

"And we danced / And we laughed / Never talked about tomorrow / We just lived a little in the here and now / With her hands in my hair / Like a million magic fingers / She said, 'Look me up when you get back to town' / Look you up, I said, 'Hell, I'm gonna hunt you down,'" he sings in the chorus.

"Then 45 minutes later it was done," Hodges says.

Watch JT Hodges Perform 'Hunt You Down'