Justin Moore and his lovely wife, Kate, are getting down to the final two months before the arrival of their new little girl. The addition to the family will be the second child for the Moores. Their first child, Ella Kole -- also a little girl -- was born in February of 2010.

"[Ella's] great," Moore tells Taste of Country. "Next month she will be 20 months old, then we’ll have her sister here in November. We’re excited about that."

One important thing checked off the to do list prior to the new arrival has been taken care of: picking out a name. "We just came up with a name," reveals Moore. "We've been going, 'What in the heck are we going to name this kid?' We're going to name her Kennedy Faye. My grandma who passed away [a few] years ago, her name way Faynette. I don't know where Kennedy came from ... my wife picked it, which is kind of the same thing that happened with Ella."

With the excitement also comes the readiness, especially for Kate's sake. "My wife's getting real ready, poor thing. With me being on the road, she carries the brunt of Ella and stuff. She's miserable," Moore says with a laugh. "She's ready to make these [next] eight weeks go by. We're really excited ... the house is all together. It helps going through it before to know this is done, that's done, and in particular now having a little girl and having another little girl ... I'm like, 'Yes! No new clothes for a while! We can make these last a while now!'"

In career news, Moore is set to film his new video this week for his latest single, 'Bait a Hook.' The tune is the second release from his 'Outlaws Like Me' album. The album has already produced a No. 1 single, 'If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away.'

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