It's been awhile since Justin Moore shared this kind of personal song as a radio single. "This Is My Dirt" is a co-write that feels as sincere as his best drinking songs, but the lyrics are far less ephemeral.

Astute country fans will note that "dirt" is popular these days. Jordan Davis hit No. 1 (and won a CMA Awards) with "Buy Dirt" in 2022. Go back a bit further to find an under-appreciated Florida Georgia Line song called "Dirt." Moore's new song is different.

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He takes a defensive posture that his fans will recognize as he sings a "hard pass" to a realtor hoping he'll sell. "This Is My Dirt" relies on conservative values, but avoids controversy because he and co-writers Paul DiGiovanni, Randy Montana and Jeremy Stover paint an idyllic picture with each chorus.

Defending what you've worked for is an American quality that's universal, and that makes this song from an upcoming project easy to find yourself in. That Moore sings the heck out of it certainly doesn't hurt his chances at scoring another No. 1 hit.

Did You Know?: Moore lives near the dirt he grew up on. Instead of a life in Nashville, the singer has chosen his hometown of Poyen, Ark.

Listen to Justin Moore, "This Is My Dirt":

Justin Moore, "This Is My Dirt" Lyrics:

He had hard work caked on his overalls / Sweat on his neck, chaw in his jaw / When a stranger pulled up and met him outside his barn /Said, Sir, I don't know if you ever would / But I build houses and neighborhoods / And I was wondering if you'd ever want to sell your farm / With his old dog barking and running around / He paused for a second, spit on the ground / Then kicked a little gravel, looked down and said.

This is my dirt, these are my fields / Where I harvest what I plant / That little pond, I catch bluegill / I built that barn with my two hands / Where I raised my babies, a piece of mе / No, this ain't just a piece of land / The monеy'd be great, but I can't part ways with a life that works / You can't put a greenback dollar on what it's worth / This is my dirt.

Great granddaddy bought it for a hundred an acre / He'd just got married when he signed the papers / Him and his brothers framed that old farmhouse / Every fence post here we put in the ground / Ran the barbed wire and pulled the plow / Every last hay bale, we baled it / Yeah, I'd hate to be the first to sell it.

Repeat Chorus

This is where five generations have prayed for rain / They'll cover me in it when the good Lord calls my name.

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, this is my dirt / Yeah, this is my dirt / Where I harvest what I plant, this is my dirt / Where I raised my babies, this is my dirt.

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