Country singer Justin Moore cops to watching plenty of NASCAR and ESPN, as well as hunting and fishing shows while camped out on his tour bus when on the road. One show you won’t catch him glued in front of the tube for is ‘American Idol.' No, he is not a Scotty McCreery or Carrie Underwood hater, as both those genre superstars got their start on the show, which was incredibly friendly to country music last season. He just isn’t feeling reality TV as a whole.

"I despise 'American Idol'," he told US 99.5 radio. "It has nothing to do with anybody that's on the show, or was. I just can't stand the show in general."

When the show's host spoke about watching ‘The Bachelor,’ Moore let out an “Ugh.” It sure sounds like Moore isn’t a fan of ratings grab reality TV. He finished, "It doesn't matter what it is. 'American Idol,' 'The Bachelor,' or any of it. I just don't like any of them."

Well, that’s not exactly 100 percent true, we’d learn. Moore clarified his statements about reality TV and admitted that he does watch ‘Celebrity Apprentice,' which features celebs competing for their charities of choice. “That to me is different than 'The Bachelor.' But I can't imagine being a Kardashian or something,” he explained.

'American Idol' shouldn't feel bad that it's an object of Moore's hate. He also once admitted to disliking Halloween, too.