Earlier this year, Justin Moore celebrated a full year of being a first-time father to his daughter, Ella Kole. Before she came along on February 11, 2010, Moore had plenty of memorable moments in his life and career, including scoring his first chart-topping hit with 'Small Town U.S.A.' and being out on Brad Paisley's tours for two years in a row. But the 27-year-old singer says fatherhood tops them all.

"It’s awesome. It’s the coolest experience I ever had," Moore tells Taste of Country. "It is, by far, the coolest thing ever. She is doing good. She is walking everywhere now. She and my wife have came out on the road some this year already because we got another bus this year, which is exciting. I’ll get to see her a lot more this year, and she’ll be old enough to where she can get out and walk around. We can take her out to the zoo and all that kind of stuff in different towns."

And don't be surprised if little Ella joins daddy on stage from time to time. "She actually came on stage with me in Iowa at the beginning of the year. It’s funny because she can go from screaming to as soon as we go onstage, I’ll have somebody bring her to me -- and this is the second time I’ve done this over the past year -- but she literally looks around and looks at me like, ‘What in the heck are you doing, Dad?’ It’s really cool to obviously share that with your family."

This summer, Moore will join Rascal Flatts on the road and will play his own dates in-between stops. Click here for a complete list of where you can find Moore out on the road.

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