Justin Moore is starting to realize he can get away with being more progressive than many of his peers because his Southern twang will forever keep him rooted in country. Kinda Don't Care stretches his sound further than many thought he'd ever go, but his chosen themes and Arkansas drawl give him lots of room to roam.

Early on, songs like "Robbin' Trains" and the title track stay true to what Moore has brought on his three previous albums. Then comes the slick middle. Digital instruments that don't have names mix with phasers and electric ambiance. The guitars on a song like "Goodbye Back" bring him back to center. It's an odd gin and tonic-like mix that takes a few listens (and an open mind) to appreciate.

But Moore's best songs have always snuck up on you. One didn't realize how great "Point at You" was until that guitar lick was burned on the folds of the brain. On Kinda Don't Care he's working with an explosive formula. It all comes together on songs like "Got It Good," a sexy country love song that will appeal to fans that appreciate more pop-friendly acts. Here he does a Jason Mraz impression, but genuine honesty makes his story an original.

"More Middle Fingers" is the song fans will and should fast forward to. Brantley Gilbert joins the 32-year-old singer for this rebel anthem. It's exactly the song you're expecting, and it's spectacular.

Credit Moore with taking risks on this album — an important one that will define the next five years of his career. At times those risks fray a thread that runs from start to finish, but it's clear that at this point in his career Moore is multi-dimensional singer.

Key Tracks: "Kinda Don't Care," "Got It Good," "More Middle Fingers"

Did You Know?: The deluxe version of this album contains a slow, sensual country love song called "When I Get Home" in which Moore sings, "Take a good look at the floor / Cause all you'll be seeing / Is the ceiling when I get home."

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