My respect level for you is through the roof. You are truly a great small town guy

Posted by Caleb Bradley on Saturday, March 21, 2015

Justin Moore reimbursed two fans in Mississippi on Saturday night after learning what they sacrificed to get to the show. The singer pulled money out of his own wallet to cover the expecting couple's tickets and parking costs, adding that "the kick a-- show we put on is free!”

It was a special and certainly unexpected moment for Katherine and Chris. They are expecting their second child soon, and being a father of three girls himself, Moore knows that expenses add up.

“We want everyone who comes to the Certified Platinum tour leaving feeling like they got their money’s worth,” he says, pulling out a wad of cash. Someone on his team had noticed their sign which included an ultrasound photo and "Baby's first concert ... Priceless!" scrawled on it. The singer just wanted to make sure the lovebirds left with nothing but good memories of his show with headliner Miranda Lambert.

So, he paid them back $125 for the tickets and $20 for the parking pass. There wasn't much he could do about their lousy parking space, but one senses they didn't care.

“Thank you for loving country music,” Moore tells them before beginning "Small Town USA." Moore will be on the Certified Platinum tour through April 11 before beginning Brad Paisley's Crushin' It tour in May.

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