Justin Moore's new single "Somebody Else Will" proves he's not satisfied. The moody, beat-heavy country song pushes his sound to a wall and dares his fans not to lean in.

It's immediately sexy, although lyrically Moore has pushed those boundaries further in the past. The heavy bass and guitar mix feels dangerous for a singer who's known as being something of a traditionalist. "Somebody Else Will" is seductive, and before you know it it's slipped past perception. That thick Arkansas twang will always keep Moore firmly planted inside the genre's increasingly blurry lines. Much like Chris Young, he's learning that it also gives him room to take big risks sonically.

The midnight cool arrangement shouldn't overshadow Moore's striking vocal performance on "Somebody Else Will," the second single from Kinda Don't Care. Every once in awhile Moore blows the top off his controlled baritone and usually his songs are better for it. Pure, unbridled emotion overtakes rote recitation at the bridge through the chorus. Expect this song to be his biggest hit since "Point at You."

Did You Know?: Justin Moore's Kinda Don't Care album was his third straight to top Billboard's Country Albums chart.

Listen to Justin Moore, "Somebody Else Will" 

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Justin Moore, "Somebody Else Will" Lyrics:

"Been sittin' here tippin' back Crown straight / Workin' up the nerve and the words to say / To turn those eyes and that smile my way / No time to waste / 'Cause you showed up and all eyes on you / Shinin' like a diamond in a neon room / Every guy here wants to make a move / I better make a move."

"Somebody else will if I don't / Walk up and ask you your name right now / Offer to buy you a drink / Sit down and tell you your looks could kill / Somebody else will if I don't / Take a chance on your lips / Lean in slowly stealin' your kiss like this / Makin' your world stand still / Somebody else will / Somebody else will."

"Maybe you're a little bit west coast / Maybe you're a little bit down home / Either way girl I just gotta know / I just gotta know."

"Somebody else is gonna hold you / Somebody gonna get to know you / If I don't get there and sweep you off your feet / Girl somebody else will / Oh somebody else will."

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