It's been nearly 18 months since Justin Moore made an impact at radio with an original song, and one remembers what he was missing while listening to "You Look Like I Need a Drink." The first single from an upcoming album is simple, clever and pure country.

Moore's found a nice lane to work in by matching traditional country themes with more modern production. Rock guitars and heavy percussion bolster the Rodney Clawson, Matt Dragstrem and Natalie Hemby penned lyric. It picks up where "Lettin' the Night Roll" and "Point at You" left off.

You look like I need a drink right now / You look like you’re gonna try to let me down nice and easy / Think I know why you won’t sit down / You’re just dancing around what you came here to do but you’re scared to / All I can I think, the way you’re looking at me / You look like I need a drink,” the Arkansas native sings at the chorus.

"You Look Like I Need a Drink" finds a man on the brink of getting his heart broken. Moore relies on that anxiety familiar to all of us. She says something like "We need to talk," but won't say why. Then you meet and the greeting is forced.

“Been little over a year since you were standing right here / And I was nervous for a whole 'nother reason / Now it’s a little bit hard, being this caught off guard / Watching you trying to not hurt my feelings," he adds during the second verse, falling off "hard" in a way that forces you to turn to the radio.

There's no denying Moore lost momentum when he released "Home Sweet Home," a collaboration with Vince Neil. With "You Look Like I Need a Drink" he picks back up where he left off.

Why Fans Will Love It: It's a clever title that feels like it should have been written before.

Key Lyrics: "All I can I think, the way you’re looking at me / You look like I need a drink."

Did You Know?: Clawson and Dragstrem have worked together before. Along with Cole Taylor they wrote Florida Georgia Line's hit "Sippin' on Fire."

Listen to Justin Moore, “You Look Like I Need a Drink”

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