Kacey Musgraves' outspoken and edgy lyrics often draw both praise and criticism. However, the singer insists that despite perceptions, she's not a rebel and doesn't try to be controversial -- instead, she's just being real.

With songs like 'Follow Your Arrow,' which encourages modern sensibility and widespread acceptance, Musgraves knows her music isn't pleasing to everyone's ears, but she's okay with that.

“I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, and I don’t really want to be,” she tells the Wall Street Journal. “I think if you’re everyone’s cup of tea, that probably means you’re a little bit boring, or you’re not pushing yourself. Creativity happens where it’s dangerous and scary, where you’re not comfortable. And that’s how it should be. That’s real."

"Music isn’t supposed to be vanilla. It’s not supposed to be something absolutely everyone enjoys," adds the 25-year-old Grammy winner. "Frankly, I’d love to see even more diversity in country music. Art is not supposed to be McDonald’s."

The Texas native's music certainly isn't 'McDonald's' -- she proves that time after time in her emotive and poignant lyrics, which hinge on controversial in some parties. But Musgraves is not about pushing buttons just to be stamped as a country rebel. "I think throwing the rebel card out there is really cheap," she explains.

"The things I’m singing about are not controversial to me, I don’t push buttons to push buttons," adds the singer. "I talk about things that have made an impression on me that a lot of people everywhere are going through. I know not everyone is going to relate to everything I’m saying, but that doesn’t make me a rebel. When Hank Williams sang about addiction and cheating and heartbreak and hating his life, he wasn’t being rebellious, he was being real."

Musgraves' 'realness' is making waves within country music and now other genres. She received the exciting invitation to join pop queen Katy Perry's Prismatic Tour, and she's pretty pumped about the response from country and non-country fans.

"I’m thrilled that country music fans like my stuff, but so do a lot of people outside of country music, people who just love music," reflects Musgraves. "My goal is more to reach music lovers than to appeal to a genre. I love country music and I’m proud to represent it, but I don’t obsess over it as a category."

The brunette songstress isn't following the 'rebel' arrow or the 'controversy' arrow; she's just following her arrow!