Big news for country 'newcomer' Kacey Musgraves. She'll be joining a pop superstar on the road in 2014!

Katy Perry has Musgraves to take part in her 2014 Prismatic Tour beginning in August. The superstar took to her Twitter account to announce the big news, teasing her 49 million followers:

"They're all coming with me on this," the superstar added, sharing a YouTube link for a promotional tour video.

This isn't the first time the two artists have met, however. In October of last year, Perry and Musgraves came together onstage for the CBS Radio We Can Survive concert, benefitting the Young Survival Coalition. At the very end of the evening, the female singers on the bill (including Musgraves) came on stage to join Perry for her single, 'Roar.'

Apparently, Perry genuinely enjoyed the collaboration with the 'Follow Your Arrow' country singer, because she asked her to join the hotly-anticipated Prismatic Tour. Capital Cities and Tegan and Sara will also be included in the lineup.

The Prismatic World Tour starts in June, but Musgraves will be hitting the road with the pop star starting Aug. 10 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Musgraves still has other tour dates through mid February, if you can't catch her on the road with Perry. Full dates for Musgraves are on her website.

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