Five #LetTheGirlsPlay artists went bold at a recent Song Suffragettes show in Nashville, delivering a playful cover of Kacey Musgraves' award-winning song, "Follow Your Arrow."

Anna Vaus, Lena Stone, Kalie Shorr, Kim Paige and Chloe Gilligan were featured on the LTGP roster at the weekly Monday night gig at the Listening Room in downtown Music City on Feb. 13. The shows provide a showcase for the most up-and-coming female singer-songwriters in Nashville to share their original works, and at the end of each show, they come together to perform a cover to pay tribute to an influence.

There's hardly a female artist in country music more significant than Musgraves in recent years. Her 2013 debut album, Same Trailer, Different Park, helped bring female singer-songwriters back into prominence in the genre, and she defied every conceivable radio convention when she chose to release "Follow Your Arrow" as its third single.

The song casually references marijuana and same-sex relationships, and when Musgraves performed it at the CMA Awards that year it was censored, but ironically, the song went on to capture Song of the Year honors the following year, while Same Trailer, Different Park won a Grammy for Best Country Album in 2014.

Shorr is a longtime LTGP staple, and she begins the performance and underpins it on acoustic guitar, while Stone, Vaus, Paige and Gilligan alternate lead vocals and high harmonies on the song, delivering a fun performance that makes you want to clap along.

The LTGP movement has been a real boost to women in country music over the course of the past few years, and Taste of Country has been and continues to be a proud supporter of women at every level of the business. Watch for a new cover each week on the site, as well as in-depth monthly coverage of a featured artist. February's featured artist is Kim Paige, who's featured in the performance above.

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