It turns out Keith Urban has a mini-me in his youngest daughter. The Australian's family follows the singer while he's on tour, and Faith Margaret apparently has a growing love for watching her dad perform -- and for learning the guitar.

When Urban's wife, Nicole Kidman, and kids are on the road, they usually head to the stage to watch the 'Cop Car' singer perform. But Faith and Sunday Rose have very different opinions on watching their dad.

"They get to be beside the stage even though my oldest daughter is like, 'Urgh, I so don't wanna go and watch Dad play," Kidman shares on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.' "I'm like, 'Sunday, at least act a little bit enthusiastic!'"

"The little one will stand there with her guitar aside the stage," adds the actress. "She's three."

It's safe to say Faith is her daddy's No. 1 fan. He's even been giving the 3-year-old guitar lessons, as she hopes to one day be able to play with him on stage. Kidman is always encouraging their daughter and her love of music, but says Urban is a bit more critical.

"I always say to her, 'You stick at that guitar and you can be out there on the stage with her dad,'" Kidman reveals. "Keith's tough -- he's like, 'Hmm the pitch', I'm like, 'Shush, she's three!' He's like, 'I'm not going to sugarcoat it.'"

She dishes, "He's teaching her chords and everything."

While the younger Kidman Urban girl takes after her dad, Sunday Rose tends to take after her mom. The 5-year-old has dreams of being a leading lady of film one day.