Keith Urban loves being a father, and we're sure little Sunday Rose is head-over-heels for him in the dad department. However, when it comes to music, Urban said there is only one celebrity who captivates the ears of 3-year-old Sunday Rose -- Elmo.

Urban recently spoke to The Tennessean and they asked which song of his was Sunday's favorite. Urban responded, "I’ve never asked her if she has a favorite. I don’t know that she would quite know what that is. But Elmo has God-like mythical status at our house at this stage."

The 'Sesame Street' obsession has also cut into Urban's sleeping time, but the super dad doesn't seem to mind. "This morning I was woken up (at 7) with our daughter Sunday coming in singing the theme to 'Sesame Street,' so what a superb way to wake up in the morning,” Urban says. “That’s kind of a sleep-in for me, which is normally getting up at 6 with the kids.”

Urban may be a country superstar, but just like any other working parent, it's a struggle for him to balance his busy touring schedule with spending time at home. "When I get home if I go to bed at 2 in the morning, it’s pretty hard getting up at 6, but I don’t want to get up at 10 and miss all the morning with my wife and my daughters," he said. "So, I just push through. If I get home at 2, I’ll get up at 6 and have breakfast with everybody and then I’ll sneak back to bed for an hour or so … my wife will work out, I’ll go back to bed."

Urban has become quite the jet-setter while out on tour, and not just because he is flying to gigs. Urban is constantly flying back home when he isn't scheduled to perform, even for just a day. "It’s a lot of travel back and forth, but if it means that I’m not gone for weeks at a time, that’s my choice. My preference is to come home, even for a day," he tells the newspaper.

What a guy! Urban and Nicole Kidman's daughters, Sunday and Faith Margaret, are lucky to have a dad like Keith -- even if they like Elmo's singing voice a little more.