Keith Urban, like many of us, is a fan of Eric Church. He asked Church to join him for 'Raise 'Em Up,' and the rest is history. Now they're taking fans behind-the-scenes of the recording process.

"Eric, I love," Urban gushes over his collaboration partner in the video above. "'Chief' was one of my favorite records easily of the last 10 years if not more. We became friends and I thought, 'I'd really like to do something with Eric.'"

Collaborating on the song was a no-brainer for Church.

"Keith sent the song to me ... and when I first heard it my first thought was, 'I wish I had written it.' My second response to Keith was, 'I wish that because I feel like we did.' I felt like my part and his part, if we sat down and wrote a song, it would be that kind of song."

Church didn't write the song, and neither did Urban, but a few other talented individuals did. Jeffrey Steele, Jaren Johnston (from the Cadillac Three) and Tom Douglas penned the tune, which is Urban's fifth single from 'Fuse.'

"It wasn't written as a duet, but it struck me as the perfect song," the Australian says, adding, "There's a particular theme in the song, particularly in the second verse, that I felt was just perfect for Eric."

It's not just perfect for Church, it's also perfect for Urban.

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