On Monday (Nov. 25), Keith Urban teased fans with a photo that suggested he may have clipped his long blonde hair. Up to three inches of what one assumed were his famous locks were spread around a barber's chair.  Then, on Tuesday, he revealed his new look.

Take a deep breath and have yourself a peek:

Fan response was quick and mostly positive. Those who panicked initially seem to be breathing a sigh of relief after seeing the final product, even though it's a significant change for the singer and 'American Idol' star.

"Don't cut your hair anymore omg," wrote one of Urban's Twitter followers, expressing the viewpoint of the minority. The 'We Were Us' singer has a long history of changing up his look to keep up with the times. From the shock-blond mullet of his early years to this more youthful-looking 'do, Urban manages to stay ahead of trends in country music.

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