Keith Urban says he "definitely married up" when he wed superstar actress Nicole Kidman in 2006. The country icon and "Polaroid" crooner gushed about his spouse in a recent conversation with Apple Music's Zane Lowe.

But that's not the only praise the singer had for his partner in his chat with the radio DJ from Tuesday (April 28). After 14 years of marriage, Urban still holds his wife in high regard. Nowhere is that better evidenced than when the musician talks about the life lessons Kidman has imbued in him over that time.

"What I've learned from her is to be more fearless in artistry and go for the curious place that you want to go to as an artist," Urban explains, as reported by Billboard. "Don't question it."

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But more specifically, what does Kidman think about music?

"She's got great taste in music because it's always visceral," Urban continues. "It's just like, 'I don't know who the artist is. I don't know what genre it is. I don't know. I just love this song.' Boom. That's all that matters to her."

Kidman has clearly served as a muse for more than a decade's worth of Keith Urban hits, including more recent fare, "God Whispered Your Name" and "Never Comin' Down." But as Urban tells it, it's the actress' overall bold attitude that is probably her biggest attribute.

"You know, her whole thing is like, 'I'm interested in that. I'm going to go over there,'" Urban adds. "It's not like, 'Oh, can I do it? Should I do it?' None of that ever comes into it. She just goes towards something and I'm like, 'Can you do that?' She goes, 'I don't know, but I'm interested in that.' That fearlessness, and it's actually not even fearlessness. Fear doesn't come into it. It's only curiosity. It's pure curiosity. She just goes without questioning it. That's definitely had a big impact on my music in the last five, six years, particularly."

Not that it's any surprise, but Kidman has some strong feelings about her country singer husband, as well. Just recently, the actress remembered how she was a "goner" when the couple first fell in love. The pair met in January 2005 at a Hollywood event and were married in June of the following year.

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