Keith Urban doesn't always get it right. He has come a long way since he released his self-titled debut album in 1999 and he's not afraid to admit he has made a few mistakes along the way. He admits his worst ever idea involved candles and a dark stage.

One night, Urban wanted fans to really connect with him and solely focus on the music. He thought the best way for this to happen would be to turn off all the stage lights and light it up solely with candles.

"I had this idea that it would be really cool in a show to do a song completely in the dark in the arena," Urban tells Rolling Stone. "No one can see me. No one can see anything. I thought, I'll do it [at] the piano. I'll light all these candles and I'll talk to the audience about how much you get overwhelmed with visual stimuli and all this stuff in concerts."

Sounds like a good idea in theory, right? Unfortunately while Urban was trying to explain this to the crowd it all started to go downhill. "And while I'm saying this, I'm starting to blow out a candle. 'And so I wondered [blows out a candle] if maybe tonight [blows out another one] we could experience what it would be like to just…hear...the…music?' It's very dramatic, I put the mic in there...I couldn't see the keys!" he explains with a laugh.

Luckily Urban looks back on the rather embarrassing moment with a laugh and a good sense of humor. "It was such a mess. And the roadie ran out. He's got a flashlight over the keyboard and I couldn't find the mic. We really should've rehearsed this. It was hysterical."

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