With killer creative genes from both of their parents, it wouldn't be a shock to anyone if Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, ended up in the music industry some day. Regardless of what the girls end up doing in the future, Urban and Kidman are making sure to introduce their children to music from the start.

Urban admits that he is glad that his girls are surrounded by successful performing artists. In fact, he recently brought his two littles to the 'American Idol' set for his own impromptu 'bring your daughters to work day.'

“Nic and I love them being around that kind of environment, watching people sing, watching them perform and being around the music," he dished, according to Country Music Tattle Tale. "It’s … being around that and being around the movie sets since they were born. They’re certainly music fans. They haven’t watched the show yet, but I have a feeling they will be this season."

In addition to being brought up by musical parents, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret have the unique opportunity to spend lots of time with musical instruments within arm's reach.

“We have instruments around the house and I sit at the piano and play with both the girls” Urban reveals. “Just this morning, I had the music cranked up during breakfast and they would sort of eat a bit and then start dancing around the floor and then go back and eat a bit more and then dance a bit more. I just thought, ‘What an awesome way to start the morning, having a little food and dancing.’”

Really, would there be any better way to start the day?

While the 'You Gonna Fly' hitmaker isn't forcing any particular path on his kiddos, it sounds like they will grow up with a strong appreciation for music. We can't imagine better parents to introduce their children to the wonders of the entertainment world!