On Wednesday afternoon (June 22), Keith Urban gathered friends and family, including his movie star wife Nicole Kidman, at Nashville's Cabana restaurant to celebrate the success of his latest chart-topping hit, 'Without You.'

Joining Urban for the No. 1 party were the two men responsible for the hit song -- Joe West and Dave Pahanish -- who penned the tune that hit the singer, songwriter, husband and father of two right in his heart from the minute he heard it. Urban did, however, tweak a couple of the song's lyrics to make it his own, including the song's final verse, which was originally written as "without you I'd be fine."

"I didn't like the 'fine' [lyric]," Urban tells Taste of Country. "It's a funny thing, and I've heard this be said before ... when we write songs, they're usually random, co-dependent love songs. It's not healthy to say [something like] 'I can't live without you,' because life would go on if we broke up; it would just not be great. I just wanted something with a little more oomph, and so we changed it to 'without you I'd survive,' because [you're not really OK] with just surviving."

"I loved the song," Urban adds. "I was recording it because I thought it was going to be a hit. It moved me and it touched me. I couldn't believe how it captured my life so beautifully."

'Without You' is the third No. 1 single for the Pahanish and West writing duo. The two have previously topped the charts with Jimmy Wayne's 'Do You Believe Me Now' and Toby Keith's 'American Ride.'

Watch the Keith Urban 'Without You' Video