Kelleigh Bannen took Taste of Country readers behind-the-scenes of her new EP Cheap Sunglasses in a two-part series that debuted last Thursday. This week, the singer shares her decision to go all in on her music.

In a three-minute clip filmed in Nashville, Bannen discusses the decision to release her music independently.

"You can't give somebody what you don't have and I was thinking, 'What do I have to offer? What is redeeming and good and powerful about my story?'" she asks. "What I can bring to another is, I have been in a valley and been in a desert and a desert is not the end of the story."

Alongside shots of Bannen in the studio, on the stage and at the gym, fans get a glimpse into the everyday life of the singer as she shares her journey with viewers.

"If you can stand on the hopeful side of tragedy and loss and say, 'Life is going to get better again and there's hope,' you will not be sad everyday from now on. That's the gift you give to the hurting," she says on a rooftop with the Nashville skyline behind her.

Throughout the video Bannen is incredibly honest. She doesn't have a major label behind her any longer and after having three singles fail at country radio she says she realizes to some it "doesn't get any more unappealing than that."

But, for Bannen, she continues to fight for her dreams.

"I'm going all in," she states. "I want to bring my messy, passionate, all-in self [to] do something that's so valuable to you and so close to your heart that it's going to hurt if it doesn't happen. If you don't go all in, if you keep it at arm's length . . . it could absolutely break my heart but I think that's better than having done it at arm's length."

Watch the video of Bannen above. Her EP, Cheap Sunglasses, is out now.

Watch Part 1 of Behind Cheap Sunglasses: 

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