Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron are just beginning their new gig as hosts of Pickler & Ben and they're already having a blast. The show brings a variety of guests, from DIY artists to local do-gooders, and Pickler is proud to be a part of the Faith Hill produced series.

"I think we both fell in love with the show for the same reasons. It's positive, it's fun, it's uplifting. It's one hour of just pure joy and laughter," Pickler tells Taste of Country about what she and Aaron love most about the show. "We have a good time and we get to do some pretty incredible things and laugh and goof off."

In the first month alone, the hosts faced their fears of heights and spiders, received welcome gifts from the legendary Dolly Parton and Ellen DeGeneres and surprised a military family with a lavish retreat.

"Any opportunity that comes along for us to do something for them, we always make that a priority," Pickler says of giving back to those in the military. "We get to meet amazing people and help their dreams become a reality and we just have incredible guests that come on the show."

The "Red High Heels" singer admits that from the moment she and Aaron met, they had instant chemistry — he's the "big brother I never had." The two get to show off their own senses of humor while hosting incredible chefs and humble community activists, so it's a job that doesn't really feel like one.

"We feel very blessed and we've been put in a place where we get to serve those that serve and give back," Pickler says. "So we're hoping the show continues to do well and that people give us a chance and that they feel safe with us and we make them laugh and make them smile. We just feel blessed to be in everyone's homes in the morning or afternoon and just be a bright part of their day."

Pickler & Ben is a syndicated talk show airing Monday — Friday.

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