Country cutie Kellie Pickler is a proud supporter of the troops. She is taking things a step further by appearing on the cover of the 2012 military issue of men's interest mag Maxim. While Pickler has done several USO tours and has performed for the troops domestically, she gives the servicemen a little something extra to enjoy with her sexy spread.

Since it is a dude's publication, Pickler looks like a modern pin up gal in her attire -- a military green bathing suit, featuring a top that shows off her curves and a high-waisted, tight-fitting bottom. It's classic yet modern at once, and she tosses the military jacket over her shoulder in the cutest way. More revealing pictures are available at Maxim's website.

"I come from a military family," Pickler confessed to the mag (via, revealing the deep-rooted origins of why she is so supportive of the troops. It's in her DNA.

She continued, "My grandfather is a retired Marine, and I've always had a great deal of respect for anyone who serves our country. It really does take someone special to sacrifice everything. I don't mean just their lives, either. There are men who are sacrificing the chance to hold their newborn baby!"

Pickler also shared the fact that she has tattoos that commemorate her USO tours. She said, "I also have stars on my left arm for my USO tours, but I'm missing two." She revealed that her grandmother used to say "Tattoos are the devil," but Pickler honored her beloved grandma by getting a tattoo with her name as her first piece of ink! So clearly, her tattoos have deep meaning for her.

Pickler also once told the Boot that another reason her USO tours mean so much to her is that it gives her a chance to offer her thanks. She said, "We were blessed to be able to perform in Kuwait and Afghanistan. It is a moment to just say thank you. It's so wild, the sacrifices that they make, that we don't even know about. Not just the servicemen and women, but their families, as well. Knowing your husband is off fighting a war, it makes it hard to sleep at night. It's wonderful what they do."