Kellie Pickler has already given her fans a taste of what to expect from her next album with her current hit song, 'Tough,' which is currently burning up the country singles chart. For the new project on BNA Records, Pickler says the music continues to grow its roots as she expands her musical wings.

"I'm really excited about the direction we're taking," Pickler tells Taste of Country. "I've been able to work with some amazing musicians and writers. We've had so much fun in the studio. It's really been such a blessing. It's really been an incredible experience so far. We are very close to wrapping this whole thing up. We've still got the photo shoot and the artwork and what not, and then it will be ready to set out on the shelf after they distribute it all and make all the copies. I'm excited."

"I really hope people dig the direction we are headed," she continues. "There's lots of fiddle, lots of steel, and some of my favorite instruments. So I’m happy with where we are and where we are headed."

The studio can sometimes be a tense environment for many artists, but Pickler finds herself quite relaxed when it's just her, a microphone and a song.

"I'm pretty much at ease," she says of her time spent in the studio. "We can cut songs that turn out the way we thought it would, and if they don't turn out the way we like, then we scratch it and we do something else. So it's nothing permanent until the album comes out and is on the shelves. Everything is always subject to change!"

Pickler's current single, 'Tough,' is now available for purchase on iTunes or by clicking here.