Kellie Pickler has been teasing fans with new music all summer long, and she's done it again by playing a third still unreleased song at a recent Salute the Troops show in Ft. Jackson, S.C. A fan captured Pickler strutting the stage while singing the super sassy 'Where's Tammy Wynette When You Need Her,' which you can see in the video below.

"I stay torn between killing him and loving him / He stays torn between neon lights and home / I bet a honky tonk angel to tell me how this whole thing works / Where's Tammy Wynette when you need her," Pickler sings as she works the room in tight blue jeans and a black tank top. The singer looks as comfy as a bird on a branch singing another song that backs up her promise that the new album will sound much more traditional than earlier efforts.

Previously, Pickler played 'Rockaway' and 'Stop Cheating on Me' for unsuspecting fans. There's no definitive word that either of these songs will end up on her new album, but all three seem to be cut from the same fabric that her current single 'Tough' came from. According to Mjsbigblog, 'Where's Tammy Wynette' was written by Leslie Satcher, Jimmy Ritchie and Don Poythress. There's still no word on when Pickler's new album will be available.

Watch Kellie Pickler Sing 'Where's Tammy Wynette When You Need Her'