Last month, Kellie Pickler released 'Tough,' a new song that symbolized a new direction for the one-time 'American Idol' contestant. This week, Pickler revealed another new song to fans at Bama Rising, a benefit concert for Alabama tornado recovery. 'Stop Cheating on Me' falls in line with the traditional style the singer says she's gravitating towards.

In this fan video, one hears a song that could have come from the Loretta Lynn songbook. "Stop cheatin' on me / It ain't that hard to do / Stop cheatin' on me / Or I'll start cheatin' on you," Pickler sings during the chorus. She seems to enjoy the role of the spurned housewife, at one point playfully strutting a few steps after telling her song's husband the potential consequences of his actions.

The newlywed likely has another man on her mind as she sings this uptempo heartbreaker. Her husband is songwriter Kyle Jacobs, and they've only been married since January. “My husband and I, we actually wrote together for the last project, and we’re writing a lot for this one, too,” she told Taste of Country earlier this year. “It’s really neat that we both have the same passion, which is music, and we’re able to take our love into the studio and make beautiful music together [laughs].”

Pickler returns to the Grand Ole Opry on Friday night before leaving for summer stops across the country. Gary Allan and Trace Adkins are amongst her touring partners this year. Pickler tells Taste of Country she hasn't named her new album yet, but thinks it could be available as early as this fall.

Watch a Fan Video of Kellie Pickler Singing 'Stop Cheating on Me' (Begins at :53)