Kellie Pickler is rolling out new songs at concerts on a regular basis now, and true to her word, the newbies lean more traditional than anything the singer has recorded so far. Recently, Pickler played 'Rockaway' for fans. It's at least the third song, including 'Stop Cheating on Me' and her single 'Tough,' she's shared with fans that she's considering for her next album.

The chorus of 'Rockaway' is a bit difficult to hear, but the lyrics on the mid-tempo bed-warmer sound like, "Don't stop rocking with me baby / Without you it wouldn't be the same / Don't stop rocking with me baby / Rockaway / Just rockaway." In this video, fans don't take to the song like they no doubt do some of the Pickler's hits, but that's certainly no assesment of the song. Concert crowds have long ignored the part of the show when an artist decides to play "a few songs off the new album."

According to mjsbigblog, 'Rockaway' was written by Pickler, Barry Dean and Brent Cobb. The song isn't as traditional as the first two songs she's shared with fans, but it's certainly less polished than those from her first two albums. “I really hope people dig the direction we are headed,” Pickler recently told Taste of Country. “There’s lots of fiddle, lots of steel, and some of my favorite instruments. So I’m happy with where we are and where we are headed.”

There is no word on when Pickler's new album will be available. Her current single, 'Tough,' is now available for purchase through iTunes.

Watch Kellie Pickler Sing New Song 'Rockaway'