Kellie Pickler's recent 'Someone Somewhere Tonight' video featured her 'Dancing With the Stars' partner Derek Hough as her co-star. It was incredibly intimate and overtly sensual, with lots of gorgeous natural light and suggestive dancing, but according to the singer, that's just how it came off on camera. 

She tells Rolling Stone that the real reason the ballad's video seemed so personal actually had to do with another video playing in the background -- her wedding video. "I had my wedding video playing in the studio so that I could see my husband (acclaimed songwriter-producer Kyle Jacobs) while I was singing," Pickler explains. "We didn't see each other a lot when I was on the show, so I got even more emotional singing, because I missed him."

The Season 16 winner explains that along with dancing, she and Hough are also pretty good at acting. "We'd be dancing and then start busting out laughing," Pickler recalls. "Derek is like a brother to me. Since I know him and have danced with him so much, I'm comfortable with him and trust him."

She adds, "And Kyle trusts me! I've never given him a reason not to. I'm not a fool – I'd never do anything to jeopardize what I have with him." Although her husband wasn't present for the filming of the steamy and romantic music video, it sounds like he was really the one on her mind.

With 'DWTS' behind her, Pickler is concentrating on her new album, out this fall, which she promises will be 'Kellie Country.'  Hopefully, she'll still pull her dancing shoes on from time to time, since she's obviously gifted at both singing and dancing.