Kelly Clarkson has already brought one of the cutest celebrity babies into the world, but the crossover artist says she’s thinking about a sibling for 11-month-old River Rose.

“After tour I want to start [trying] for the next one,” Clarkson says, according to BANG Showbiz (via Mirror). “I want them to be close together, because the other two are kind of close together, my step-kids."

The pop-country star says she will be touring the U.S. through October and Canada in November and has plans to hit the U.K. in November, before baby No. 2 is on the agenda.

“I plan on being pregnant very soon after that, so hopefully I get here!” she tells the British news source.

Clarkson is already touring the country with pop acapella group Pentatonix. Her latest single, "Invincible," has reached the Top 20 on the Billboard Adult Pop Songs chart and continues to climb, while her first single off Piece by Piece, "Heartbeat Song," reached No. 21 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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