Have you ever been driving down a woodsy path, just enjoying the sights and smells of nature when an airborne animal attacks you? Well, that just (sort of) happened to Kelly Clarkson.

Almost in Blair Witch Project style, the singer was recording a video while cruising around on her land when she noticed a certain mammal taking flight in and out of her film range. Referencing in the beginning of the video that she had seen a bat earlier that night, Clarkson didn't seem too rattled by the creature. That is until the end of her video, when the bat swoops down at Clarkson and she yells, "KaJesus!"

Clearly terrified of the circumstance, Clarkson ends the video as her phone fumbles out of focus. Is she OK? Since she was able to post a playful Instagram video of the situation shortly after, we're guessing Clarkson survived the encounter without a scratch. She even added the hashtags #BatmanVSKelly #BatSignal and her newly coined #KaJesus.

Clarkson has had plenty of time to hang out with the bats on her land lately as she isn't touring, but she does have a show to prep for at Madison Square Garden in New York on Sept. 14. If she happens to sing her smash hit "My Life Would Suck Without You," our guess is it won't be dedicated to the bats.

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