Kelly Clarkson may be marrying Brandon Blackstock in just a few months, but that doesn't mean she has completely called off all celebrity crushes. And, there's one in particular that she claims she has a 'free pass' on ... simply because she's absolutely smitten.

So, who is the celebrity that makes Clarkson's heart go pitter-patter? It's 'Man of Steel' star Henry Cavill. The 'Tie It Up' songstress dished on her feelings for the actor -- and she certainly didn't mince any words.

“He is my, my, my…what is it called when you have, like, your…with your couple, like…he’s my free card,” Clarkson says with a laugh (quote via Sony Music Nashville). “He’s my free pass.”

“Henry Cavill is … he is blessed by God. God thought when … he was, like, just sittin’ around one day, on his cloud, goin’, ‘I’m gonna make something amazing,’ and he made Henry Cavill," she adds. "He is so unbelievably good looking.”

Although the 'American Idol' winner obviously swoons over Cavill's handsome appearance, she's also crazy about his acting. “I love him as an actor. You know, he’s not like that pretty guy that, like, sucks at acting,” Clarkson explains. “He’s great! I love him. I’ve loved him since Tudors. I fell in love with him there ’cause he was friends with the king on Tudors. Ohhh, he is so hot. And he is one hell of a Superman, y’all.”

Yes, she definitely gets giddy when talking about the British actor, but when she announced her engagement to Blackstock, she called him 'the greatest man ever' and is still clearly in love with her husband-to-be. However, since she has a free pass, we're wondering if Blackstock has one -- and who she is.

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