Kelly Clarkson was the first contestant crowned on American Idol — a major accomplishment that she says came with some less than exciting opportunities, like an acting role in the film From Justin to Kelly.

In a candid interview with the Howard Stern Show, Clarkson confesses that she was less than thrilled to have a role in the film and tried everything she could to get out of it.

“I cried so hard because I did not want to do that movie," she admits. "One, it wasn't a good movie and two, I never wanted to be an actress. I literally was in Texas, in my apartment, crying in my closet talking to him [Simon Fuller] trying to hide from my family because I felt weak."

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Once she realized she couldn't get out of her role in the movie she begged Fuller to release her single before the movie dropped, and he did. "I think that's what saved my career," she reasons.

Clarkson filmed the movie in 28 days and admits she dreaded the film's premiere. "I got very drunk at that premiere,” she confesses. “I literally ended up in a fountain soaked. I was real hammered.”

She also admits to briefly dating her co-star and Idol competition Justin Guarini, who placed second in the reality competition the year she won. “We were really good friends,” she says. "I think it was so heightened, so by the time everybody stopped talking about it we actually did date."

These days Clarkson is happily releasing music she wants to create and raising 1-year-old son Remington Alexander, and 3-year-old daughter River Rose with husband Brandon Blackstock.

Oh — she only watched her film that one time and will likely never see it again.

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