While Kelly Clarkson is now testing the waters in the country music scene, her debut single 'Mr. Know It All' lyrics should ring a familiar tune. Prior to the country release, Clarkson experienced success on the pop charts with the tune, which was written by Brett James, Ester Dean, Dante Jones and Brian Kennedy.

"We wrote 'Mr. Know It All' in a very different way," James tells Taste of Country. "It was a pop session, as opposed to a Nashville writing session where you have two guitars, a piano and whatever else you can write a song on and start from scratch on an idea. We wrote this song to a track that Brian Kennedy did. The first song [Ester, Danta and I] ever wrote together was the single for Pia Toscano. She was on 'American Idol' last year. 'Mr. Know It All' was kind of the second time we sat down.

"We started writing this song by listening to the track and singing what sounded good over it," James continues. "I remember Ester just popped out 'Mr. Know It All.' It just kind of felt right saying it. Like we always do, we just started writing song that ended up being a female empowering song [laughs]."

"Mr. Know It All / Well you you think you know it all / But you don't know a thing at all ain't it / Ain't it something y'all / When somebody tells you something about you / Think that they know you more than you do / So you take it down, another pill to swallow," they wrote in the opening lyrics of the song.

"The song is talking about the relationship she's been in for so long, and she's getting out of it," explains James. "It's one of those songs that I think a lot of women relate to, because a lot of women feel that way. A lot of people in relationships feel that way...they feel like they want somebody who knows everything about them, but they don't really know them at all. So we started talking about that idea, and ended up with our 'Mr. Play Your Games' and 'Mr. Bring Me Down' and all of the Mr.'s we could come up with."

"Oh you think that you know me, know me / That's why I'm leaving you lonely, lonely / 'Cause baby you don't know a thing about me / You don't know a thing about me," they continued to write in the 'Mr. Know It All' chorus.

"We went ahead and wrote that, and fortunately it got into Kelly's hands," James says with a smile of the song that has become one of the most-added songs on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart, as well as Country Aircheck.

"At this point in my career, it just felt natural to release a different version of ‘Mr. Know It All’ to country radio," says Clarkson. "I was so excited when my manager, Narvel Blackstock, told me that Dann Huff was going to produce the new track. I have been a fan of Dann’s for years and he is so talented. Our goal was to create a sassy, soulful vibe. I really hope people like this new version of the song."

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