New mom Kelly Clarkson's break from music seems to be coming to an end. The songstress used Twitter to reveal a few secrets about her forthcoming album to her fans.

Via a Twitter chat on Saturday (Jan. 3), Clarkson told those who asked about what she has up her sleeve ... sorta. The album is pop, but that doesn't mean she's throwing her country love out the window, as she named the genre as one of many influences of her new music:

Most of Clarkson's tweets were cryptic, and she only dropped subtle hints about what's to come "soon." She did reveal, however, that the album will include a duet, and though she didn't specify with whom, it's not the first time she's collaborated with the mystery artist.

"Oh and people also keep asking about the duet on the record. Here's a hint ....this wasn't our first time to sing together :)," Clarkson writes.

Could it be a country artist whose name shows up on the track listing? It's possible. Recently, Clarkson joined Trisha Yearwood on the country star's single 'PrizeFighter.' She also paired with Martina McBride for her 2014 song, 'In the Basement,' and she's got close ties to many in the genre. In fact, she even released a solo country single in 'Tie It Up' in 2013.

Plus, now that she's married to Brandon Blackstock, Reba McEntire's stepson, Kelly Clarkson is literally in the country music family. Although her album may not be country per se, we're confident she'll still show her deep country roots!

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