Kelly Clarkson had Buffalo, NY partying like it was 2000 on July 21, when she flawlessly executed a cover of 'N Sync's "Bye Bye Bye."

Clarkson has made it a tradition in her shows to take requests from fans on what covers they would like to hear her perform. She has hit the whole spectrum of genres, each in a jaw-dropping way only the original American Idol winner can. But this one brought out the fangirl in all of us.

"I will say, tonight is fun," the 33-year-old star preached to a screaming crowd, "because this is quite the throwback to like our junior high days, and I will say we have a lot of people in our crew excited for this one."

The Texas native put her own twist on the early-2000s mega hit that would without a doubt make Justin Timberlake himself proud. Clarkson glided across the stage while effortlessly hitting the whole range of notes during the song, provoking her fans to sing along and cheer even louder. The only thing missing from this performance was the cheesy signature dance moves, but we can just leave those for the boy bands.

Clarkson is currently on the road supporting her latest album, Piece by Piece. The tour of the same name will continue through out the summer, wrapping up in New Jersey toward the end of September. With that many shows left, let's all keep our fingers crossed that means more covers for us.

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